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welcome book

1 - Scent Sampler Kits


All About Scent Sampler Kits

How to use a Sampler Kit credit you've been given

  • How to use the Sampler Kit credit your upline gifted you

What are Scent Sampler Kits?

  • What is Scent Sampler Kit?

  • What's in the 3 types of Scent Sampler Kits?

  • What is the prospects experience with the Sampler Kit?

  • Benefits of Sampler Kits


How to use Sampler Kits

  • 5 ways to distribute scent sampler kits - gift, sell or promote

  • How to use Sampler Kits for people you know

  • How to use Sampler Kits with clients
  • How massage practitioners use Sampler Kits
  • How wellness/life coaches and counsellers use Sampler Kits
  • How energy healers and body workers use Sampler Kits
  • How to use Sampler Kits at market stalls
  • How to promote Sampler Kits on social media


Sampler Kit Giveaways


  • How to do a Sampler Kit giveaway on social media
  • How to gift Sampler Kit 'credits' to your team members

How to send a Sampler Kit

  • How to send a Sampler Kit to a prospect


Sampler Kit Credits


  • Purchase Sampler Kit credits
  • How to transfer 'credits' to a team member

Download Sampler Kit graphics

oily resources

2 - Where to Find Info

There's loads of info now available to you to help you. Find out the 'what and where to get it' in the Oily Resources e-book.  

Oily Resources Website.png
> What's in the Oily Resources e-book?
  • Must know websites

  • Must know facebook groups and facebook pages

  • Must know apps

  • Where to buy books, bottles and accessories

  • Overview of the top e-books

  • Suggested Youtube channels

  • Podcasts

fb group


Join the private Team Wild Fire facebook group that will offer you tips and advice about using Young Living products and living a healthy low-tox lifestyle. Click the button below for the facebook group then click 'join' to be added to the group called Living the Young Living Lifestyle


Team Wild Fire also have a public facebook page. Use the button below to 'like' the page.


Let's be friends! Team Wild Fire leaders Sharon & Andrew Wild would love to connect with you through facebook. Send a friend request to them - you'll find them at and



The Team Wild Fire library page is your access hub to accessing classes, webinars, ebooks and more. Make sure to bookmark the Team Wild Fire library at 

> What's in the TWF Library?
  • On-demand online classes

  • 100+ ebooks

  • 50+ e-books for each essential oil and oil blend

  • Education grouped by themes including

    • Introduction to Essential Oils

    • Diffusing

    • Babies & Kids

    • Dogs, Cats & Pets

    • Low-tox living

    • Cooking & food

    • Skincare & Makeup

    • Spiritual and energetic

newbie videos


If you're new to essential oils you probably have a million questions! Well, look no further, in this section you will find the answers you have been looking for in easy to watch videos!



intro class


Most people can't wait to start using their oils. But sometimes you're not quite sure how and when to use them.  That's what the Oils Discovery on-demand online video class is for. 


The Oils Discovery video covers the 'who, what, where, why and when' of using Young Living essential oils, focussing on the 11 oils in the Premium Starter Kit.

> See More about Oils Discovery

You can choose the theme for your Oils Discovery experience from 3 themes - for Kids, for Dogs or for You. Choose 'for kids' if you want to know how to use essential oils with kids (including safety tips for kids). Choose 'for dogs' if you want to know how to use essential oils with dogs. Choose 'for you', if you want to know how to use essential oils for the whole family. 


The Oils Discovery introduction to essential oils is also available as an e-book, in the 3 themes - for kids, for dogs or for you.

When you click the buttons below to access the video or e-books, you'll be sent a facebook message. Click 'Get Started' then enter your Young Living member number. You'll then be able to view the class or e-book.

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