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About Team Wild Fire


Everybody says they want to be able to take better care of themselves and their families. Everybody knows that being part of a community of like-minded people helps everyone to achieve their health and wellness goals.


Most people are really excited when they find out that by becoming part of Team Wild Fire, they'll have access to oodles of valuable resources to empower them on their health and wellness journey. Resources that are exclusive only to members of Team Wild Fire. Resources available to Team Wild Fire members are free of charge. 



Team Wild Fire Resources include:

  • Online Classes on a series of essential oils, animal care, energetic healing and health and wellness topics

  • Hundreds of private access online videos on topics ranging from how to use essential oils to a full series of physical, mental and emotional health topics.

  • E-books available via the Team Wild Fire App

Before we tell you how this works, let us tell you what happened to Sharon & Andrew Wild. There's an old saying about doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting a different result. They were tired of feeling sick and tired. They were tired of getting poor results from traditional and alternative therapies and were concerned about the side-effects which could often be worse then the condition. They started searching for natural alternatives, and that's when they discovered Young Living. 


Well, you know how there's those moments in your life that you look back on as a significant turning point in your life, for Sharon & Andrew, that was the turning-point in their lives. They shared their experiences in using Young Living products with their friends and family and the great results they were experiencing both physically and emotionally, which lead to a community of like-minded people being formed, which is now called Team Wild Fire. 


Team Wild Fire has now grown to members throughout Australia, Europe, North America, Asia and the Middle East who all want to help others towards a healthier tomorrow. 


We do this by sharing our passion for Essential Oils and Chemical Free Living with all those who will listen.


A healthier tomorrow is catching on like Wild Fire! Join us on this journey to Wellness, Purpose and Abundance with Young Living and Team Wild Fire.


If you're not yet a Young Living member, you can join Team Wild Fire through a Team Wild Fire member. That way, you'll get to not only enjoy the benefits of Young Living, you'll also gain access to the Team Wild Fire resources and Team Wild Fire community.


To become a member of Team Wild Fire, contact us.


If you have any questions about Team Wild Fire feel free to contact us.

Sharing Young Living


You can choose to use Young Living products simply for your personal and family's use. That's 100% okay and where most people start.


That's where we all started, we simply loved the Young Living products. Though most people once they start using Young Living products experience amazing results. Most people get inspired and can't wait to share those health benefits with their friends and family so that the people they care about can experience great health too!

Team Wild Fire leaders Andrew and Sharon Wild share Young Living full-time,
and enjoy an amazing life helping people all around the world. Team Wild Fire now comprises a passionate team of leaders around the world who are also sharing the message of wellness, purpose and abundance.


Andrew and Sharon have put together courses which are available through the Team Wild Fire Member website to guide and support Team Wild Fire members who wish to share Young Living. Whatever a person's goals are, whether that's to get their products for free through to achieving a part-time, full-time or beyond income, Team Wild Fire have the training, mentoring and inspiration you need to get you there.


By being a part of Team Wild Fire, you will get access to the exclusive training, mentoring and more.

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