What is the Team Wild Fire App?

The Team Wild Fire App and App Website are available exclusively to members of Team Wild Fire. Being a member of Team Wild Fire is free - and simply requires that you are introduced to Young Living by an existing Team Wild Fire member.


The App gives you access to all of the Team Wild Fire e-books, upcoming events, latest news and chat facility where you can have any of your Young Living questions answered.


The App is available for both the iPhone/iPad (via the Apple App Store) and Android (via Google Play Store). 


You can also access the App via your internet browser! See the section below for instructions on how to do this.

Important Update - Please Read!

Thanks to the Team Wild Fire Library , you no longer need to install this App to be able to access all of the e-books! 


All future on-demand classes and e-books will all be released through the Library.

How to get access to the App

  1. Install the App on your phone or tablet (watch the video below)

  2. Create your account (watch the video below)

  3. Your account will be reviewed by an administrator to confirm you are a member of Team Wild Fire and will then be approved. Usually takes 24-48 hours.

  4. After being approved, you will have access to all of the content in the App.

Also access on your Computer!

Don't have a smart phone, or just want to access all of the e-books and other great App content on your computer? 


The great news is that you can access the App on your computer as well. Just visit the website http://TeamWildFire.TeamApp.com


You will need to "Log in" to get access to all of the content. If you have already installed the App on your mobile device, then make sure you use the same account details to login to the website.


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