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5 Top Reasons Why Everyone Gets Started with Team Wild Fire

When you place your first Young Living order with a Team Wild Fire member, you'll become part of Team Wild Fire.


As part of Team Wild Fire you'll get access to exclusive resources.

  • You will receive emails with easy practical tips showing you how to use essential oils.

  • You'll get private access to Team Wild Fire resources including 100s of private access online videos, showing you everything you need to know about using essential oils.

  • You'll gain access to private facebook groups for health and oils tips.

  • You'll be invited to online oils classes.

  • Optional - If you have interest now or in the future in sharing Young Living with friends and family you'll gain access to exclusive resources and training to help you to share Young Living.

Step 1. Choose Retail or Wholesale Prices

There are two ordering options with Young Living - Retail or Wholesale prices. Watch the video below to hear your ordering options.

Getting Started with Young Living

If you are not using Young Living essential oils yet, watch this video to learn how to get started

Retail Prices

To order one or two bottles of oil, you may like to start at retail prices.  Though most people start with wholesale prices.


Save Money with Wholesale Prices

To save money on your Young Living products you're best to get wholesale prices, which is the same price I pay. To order the Everyday Oils kit or more than two bottles of essential oil, I always suggest that you choose wholesale prices.

​How do Wholesale Prices Work?​
With wholesale prices you get a 24% discount on all your Young Living products. And the great news is anyone can access wholesale prices, you don't need to be a massage practitioner to get the best prices. By accessing wholesale prices, you're simply accessing the wholesale discount. It's like having a Costco membership giving you access to better prices. With Young Living wholesale access, you can use the products for your own personal or family's use, you don't need to promote Young Living products.​

How to Access Wholesale Prices​

To access wholesale prices, you simply register for wholesale prices by purchasing a Basic Starter Kit in your first order.


The Basic Starter Kit is $45 and contains a 5ml bottle of Stress Away essential oil, 10 essential oil samples (Peace & Calming, Thieves, Peppermint, Lemon and Lavender), NingXia Red juice samples, welcome packet including getting started guide, product catalogue and pricelist.

The Basic Starter Kit gives you access to wholesale prices!


After you add the Basic Starter Kit to your shopping cart, then visit the shop to select the rest of your products!


  • No minimum order: Once you have your Basic Starter Kit, there's no minimum order, you can order as much or as little as you like, one product or 20 products. 

  • First order products: In addiiton to the Basic Starter Kit in your first order, you can add additional products to your first order to receive wholesale prices on those products.

  • Order again whenever you want: For future orders, you can order whenever you want, you don't need to place frequent orders. As long as you place at least one order with Young Living each 12 months, for 50PV (about $80), your Young Living wholesale account will remain open from year to year, without any yearly wholesale account fees.

Basic Starter Kit

Where are the products sent from?

Young Living's Australian warehouse is in Brisbane. Your products will be delivered to you by courier. You can have your products delivered to your home, office or PO Box.

If you're outside Australia, Young Living also have warehouses around the world, including the USA, Canada, UK and Singapore. If you're outside Australia, your products will be delivered to you by the regional office for your country.

Step 1 - Choose Retail or    
            Wholesale Prices​
Step 2 - Optional -
            How to Get Free Products             & a Free Home Diffuser!

Step 3 - Choose your Products
Step 4 - Place your order​
Ordering FAQs

Essential Rewards Monthly Loyalty Program

Optional program - like a frequently flyer program but with the Essential Rewards program you get back free products!

If You Want a Free Diffuser and Free Products, Read This! 

Here's how you can get free products!    
Young Living offer an optional loyalty program called Essential Rewards. It's like getting frequent flyer points.

This program is entirely optional, you choose whether or not you wish to use it.

By using the Essential Rewards program, you can get 10% to 20% of your orders back in free products!

Here's how the Essential Rewards program works:

  • When you use the Essential Rewards program, you agree to have a Young Living order each month for $80 (50PV) or more.
  • You nominate a date that Young Living will process your order each month, for example the 15th of each month.
  • You can change the products that you order from month to month, so you don't need to order the same products every month.
  • Plus, there's no long term commitment, you can cancel the monthly orders using Essential Rewards at any time with a simple phone call to Young Living.
  • By using the Essential Rewards monthly ordering you receive 10% to 20% of each monthly Essential Rewards order in free product points, which you can then redeem for free products.

To use the Essential Rewards monthly loyalty program, your first Essential Rewards order requires your signature on a paper order form, rather than ordering through the website. If you wish to start using the Essential Rewards program  phone Sharon Wild on 1300 730 885 or email Sharon at for assistance with placing your first Essential Rewards order.

After that, you can update future Essential Rewards monthly orders by phone call or online.

​Get a Free Diffuser!
If you haven't ordered from Young Living before and you'd like to get a Free Diffuser, listen up, here's how!

You'll receive a Home Diffuser valued at $135 for free is you use the Essential Rewards loyalty program for your first 3 months with Young Living. Here's how it works:

  • Place your first order with Young Living for the Everyday Oils kit, or any products with a total value of 100PV (about $170)
  • Enrol in the Essential Rewards program in that first order, by ticking the Essential Rewards enrolment on the order form
  • Have 2 more months using the Essential Rewards program, with monthly orders of 100PV (about $170) each month.
  • That's it - your first 3 consecutive months, with 100PV monthly Essential Rewards orders and the diffuser is yours!

Step 3. Choose Your Products

You can choose any products you like to get started, from essential oils to nutrition products.


3 Top Suggestions for Getting Started
1. Everyday Oils Collection
2. Thieves household cleaner and personal care products
3. NingXia Red Juice

​Everyday Oils Collection - 10 essential oils kit 

The Everyday Oils collection you can use in your home, with your family and with your pets. This is always my top suggestion for everyone when getting started. 


Step 4. Place your order

To order, contact the Team Wild Fire member who referred you to this website. If you're not able to contact the person who referred you or if you found this website online, contact Sharon Wild on 1300 730 885 or, she'll be able to help you to get started.

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